A Fun Way to Learn Notes on the Guitar

20 pages

A great resource for kids or any guitar student looking to learn to read music on the guitar. These guitar worksheets for beginners are available as a free PDF when you sign up for the Classical Guitar Editions mailing list or as a printed PDF via MagCloud.

Volume 1 covers the names of the notes on the staff as well as note names in the first position (first four frets of the guitar). Activities include naming notes from the low “E” below the staff to the “G” above the staff, naming notes on guitar strings 1 to 6, puzzles, matching, note writing, and drawing locations on the fretboard.

Guitar Worksheets for beginners are most effective when they are both fun and thorough. Geetar Workbooks’s puzzles and whimsical approach provide the “spoonful of sugar” that helps the medicine go down.

Originally I developed the concept of games for guitar as a way to make music theory and note reading fun for my students. I would hear them say, ‘Mr. Wilson I didn’t pratice, but I did play Guitar Hero, does that count?’ 

Of course, these days it seems like gamification is everywhere, so why shouldn’t learning to read music on the guitar be a part of that? Geetar Workbooks grew out of my old website GuitarGames.net. I hope they’re a fun way to further your knowledge of the guitar fretboard!

William Wilson


Guitar Worksheets for Beginners – Bonus Page

Here’s an additional puzzle for working on note reading. Feel free to print and share.